Options custom bags

On all our custom packaging we supply the following options:

  • Laser perforation: a laser perforations enabling the packaging to be easily opened.
  • Shaped pouches:  In any kind of shape to support your brand, product or marketing message. For example easy pouring or shaped like a T-Shirt.
  • Zippers: Many zipper options from regular press to close zipper, as well as slide zippers, velcro zipper, dust zippers, front zipper and zipper suitable for the sterilisation process.
  • Coffee valve:  Pouches with coffee valve, the perfect solution for freshly roasted coffee.
  • Steam vent: Pouches special steam vent, to release steam and pressure from steam cooking meals, or warming food in the microwave. There are various steam vent possibilities suitable for frozen foods, but even valves suitable for retort products that can withstand the sterilisation process in an autoclave without opening, but do open and release steam when warmed in a microwave.
  • Spouts: We supply various types of pouches with all available spouts for both filling through the spouts as well as direct filling the pouches for all various uses for both dry as liquid products.
  • Print: Endless options such as gold inks, mat varnish in register.

We provide endless options to create your perfect pouch. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.


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