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Are you in need of a packaging materials specialist? From simple to complex packaging, everything is possible at Dutch Pack. We are a manufacturer of packaging materials for industrial production in the food and non-food sector.

Dutch Pack excels in tailor-made, flexible packaging solutions. With a broad and deep range of over 10,000 products in the field of packaging, packaging materials, hygiene items, office supplies and catering products, Dutch Pack is your all in one packaging provider. In addition, we distinguish ourselves with a full range of (new) specialised sustainable packaging. No matter what kind of packaging (materials) you need, Dutch Pack is your packaging materials specialist!


Most commonly used packaging materials

Curious about what we pack? We can take care of all your packaging orders, but here’s an example of what we offer.

Get yourself a packaging materials expert

Besides our products, we think our expertise can also help you. We advise you on the best packaging solution for your situation. Certified packaging experts with love for the trade can help you with this choice.

Would you like us to provide a packaging solutionPlease contact us for more information.

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