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Filling- and sealing machines

We gladly advise you on different types of packaging machines and the ideal way to use them.  Our experience with suppliers of packaging machines is very high and we can always support you with a possible solution.

Dutch Pack has built up over 25 years of experience in all kinds of packaging industry, including: solid/liquid, sweets, seeds, soaps, soups, mayonaise, ketchup, coffee, sugar, nuts, chips, petfood and various different products.

A great number of our clients uses packaging machines to fill and seal their product themselves.

Dutch Pack can make sure that our packaging material is handled effortlessly and without hitches on the various machines of our clients.

Through years of experience we have established a good relationship with various suppliers of packaging machines and their agents. Our companies exchange the latest developments in the packaging business to make sure we remain able to compliment eachothers products.

We are also available for technical support on location with our clients if this is necessary.

through this combination of knowledge and experience Dutch Pack is often invited from the beginning of the proces to advise on machine options for specific projects. This mainly involvs the advice on premade custom pouches or a film on reel option.

We would love to help your company with our experience and expertise.


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