Everything about Doypacks

Doypacks are the future of packaging..

Doypacks also go by the name of stand-up pouches, and have many advantages. They …

  • … are convenient:
    • easy to fill, manually or full automatic
    • reclosable by adding a zipper or spout
    • easy to be opened, by adding a tear notch or perforation
  • … are trendy. Simply have a look in a supermarket
  • … can be tailor made, or you can have a look at our standard assortment of pouches (ex stock)
  • … make your product eye-catching
    • display your products and maximize shelf space
    • shape it in any way without high additional costs
    • print graphics and text: glossy or matt, in flexo or rotogravure
  • … can contain anything: liquids, solid content, powders, coffee beans, sauces, snacks, pills, capsules, tablets, paint, glue, etc. etc.
  • … can be optimised for your product:
    • different types of material combinations are available to apply the right barrier
    • add a special valves, air or steam
    • add a spout to make it easier to pour
  • … are efficient in so many ways:
    • less material, so better for the environment
    • are recyclable, even better than traditional carton drink packaging
    • average lowered packaging weight by approximately 70%
    • less space when empty, before filling and after usage
    • lowered warehouse and transportation costs

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