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For the past 30 years, Dutch Pack International has been supplying packaging materials for all possible uses (food and non-food) to manufacturing companies in Western Europe and the US. We have extensive and comprehensive knowledge about all available packaging materials and the related barrier properties and we specialise in supplying packaging solutions to the coffee, soup, sauce and snack markets, plus the cleaning industry, to name but a few.

Knowledge and experience
Dutch Pack understands better than anyone that your packaging and packaging process are of crucial importance. The material, the shape, the printing and the processability; everything has to be just right, allowing you to work as effectively, efficiently and successfully as possible. This is why we would be happy to advise you about the best possible packaging solutions and how these can be used in your situation.

Dutch Pack is a compact organisation with totally committed staff: very approachable, very experienced, flexible and incisive. The company therefore has very low overheads, but is able to offer you all the benefits of a mature organisation. We form the link between all involved parties (production, design, prepress and transport) and are able to identify the advantages and disadvantages of every choice for you.

Well before the Unox stand-up pouch caused a silent revolution in the Dutch retail sector, Dutch Pack had been manufacturing and selling this type of stand-up pouch for years in Eastern Europe. Since then, we have never stopped our search for new designs, new materials and new printing techniques. As we have a global network of packaging producers, we can offer almost every type of flexible packaging that you are looking for. Dutch Pack would also be happy to exchange ideas with you about sustainability.

At Dutch Pack we believe that consistent and excellent quality of products and service is a particularly critical prerequisite to allow us to be of service to you. For that reason, our processes are fully compliant with the requirements of the two internationally recognised quality standards, BRC Agent & Brokers and ISO 9001-2015. Click here for a copy of our certificates: BRC Certificate and ISO 9001-2015 Certificate.

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